2020-21 School Year

In preparation for the 2020-21 school year, we ask that families select one of the options below by completing or updating the necessary forms. Students may remain enrolled in their brick-and-mortar school, or they may enroll in Citrus Virtual School Full-Time. Please review the chart below before making your decision.

Please note that the Citrus Virtual School Enrollment Window closes on July 17th.

Comparison chart for brick and mortar schooling vs Citrus Virtual

Families with a Skyward Family Access Account

Do not use the Skyward App to complete the steps below.  You need to log into Skyward via an updated browser.  Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge are preferred browsers.  If your cell phone signal is weak, you may experience problems.  

Select one of the following and complete the appropriate form.

Option 1: On-Campus Education/Traditional

If your student will continue at his/her current, district-zoned school in August, you must click here to update your child's 2020-21 emergency form via Skyward Family Access.

¤ Click “Emergency Form” from the left menu in Family Access.

Option 2: Citrus Virtual School for Returning CCSB Students for K-12

You must complete the registration by July 17th. 

Log into your Skyward Family Access account to complete the steps below.  Unsure of your Skyward Family Access username or password?  Please contact your child's school.  The school registrar can assist.  

¤  Click "New School Enrollment" from the left menu in Family Access.  Current Citrus County students will choose this option to register for a new school.  You will not need to provide the birth certificate, social security record, and immunization record again unless the student needs to prove updated immunizations were obtained.  

New School Enrollment Tab
¤  Be sure to select "Citrus Virtual" when selecting your child's school of choice when completing the form.

Choose CVS
Option 3: New Students to Citrus County Schools

If your student is new to Citrus County Schools (Kindergarten or out-of-county transferred students), this is for you! 

Families with a Skyward Family Access Account can log in and follow the steps below.  

¤  Click “New School Enrollment” from the left menu in Family Access.

new school enrollment

¤  Click here for helpful documents and videos when registering a new to Citrus County Schools student.

Families without a Skyward Family Access account

Families will create an account by clicking here and navigating to step 4. Then they will return to this page, and select one of the above options.

¤  Citrus Virtual School Enrollment Window closes on July 17th. 

¤  All families who have not submitted by July 17th will default to their brick-and-mortar school.

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