Basic Teacher Information
ESOL Coursework Requirements
Q: How many hours of ESOL do I need?
A:  Depending on what subject you teach, you will need varying amounts of training. See the category information that follows to determine how much training you need.
  • Category 1- Primary Language Arts or English; Reading or Intensive Reading- 300 hours
  • Category 2- Science, Social Studies, Math, or Computer Literacy- 60 hours
  • Category 3- All other subjects- 18 hours
  • Category 4- Guidance Counselors or Administrators- 60 hours
Q: What courses do I take in order to get my ESOL hours?
A: What category you fall into will determine which courses you need to take. See the course information below to determine which courses you need.
- Category 1
  • Domain 1: Cross Cultural Communications
  • Domain 2: Applied Linguistics
  • Domain 3: Methods of Teaching ESOL
  • Domain 4: Curriculum & Materials
  • Domain 5: Testing & Evaluation
- Category 2
  • Domain 3: Methods of Teaching ESOL
- Category 3
  • ESOL Overview 18 Hour Component
- Category 4
  • Domain 3: Methods of Teaching ESOL (recommended)

Q: How long do I have to get ESOL coursework completed?
A:  It is required that each teacher take 60 hours of ESOL coursework each year until they have satisfied their requirement.

Q: How do I sign up for ESOL courses?
A: Citrus County Schools offers ESOL courses, free of charge, through Edivate or Beacon.  At the start of each school year, a letter is sent out to all schools announcing the schedule of courses and the process by which to register.  Teachers may register and sign up as soon as the letter is received.

Q: How do I sign up for Beacon or Edivate courses? 
  • Please refer to the ESOL course schedule here for dates and registration links. 
  • We no longer provide the initial  60 hour component at the school site. For a teacher needing only 60 hours of ESOL coursework, we highly recommend they take  "Methods of Teaching".

Q: Are there other ways to earn my ESOL requirement?
A: Yes, there are a few other ways to earn the ESOL hours for the courses required.
  • Taking the Test:  Category 1 teachers may elect to earn ESOL certification instead of the endorsement by earning 120 hours of ESOL training and then earning a passing score the Certification Exam. You may sign up for the exam here:  online registration for certification test
  • Independent schedule: While CCSB does provide ESOL coursework free to district staff, any teacher who wishes to take courses off schedule (and is willing to pay for them personally)  may take courses through Beacon directly.
  • College Courses: Teachers who bring with them college courses that satisfy ESOL requirements, must submit a syllabus from those courses to the Professional Development office. Those teachers who have earned the full endorsement through college coursework should submit their transcripts to the Human Resources office.