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Salary Information

Salary information for Citrus County Schools may be accessed below. Refer to the upper right corner of the Job Description of a position to find which Chart applies. Then click on the link for the appropriate Chart to find the pay grade for that position.
Click on the Salary link and look for the pay grade on the salary schedule.


Administrative Chart
Administrative Salary Schedule


Instructional Chart
Instructional Salary Schedule - Hired before 7/1/11
Instructional Salary Schedule - Hired after 7/1/11

Support (Classified)

Classified Chart
Classified CCEA Union Salary
Classified Teamsters Union Salary
Classified Non-Union Salary

Support (Professional Technical)
Professional Technical Chart
Prof Tech CCEA Union Salary
Prof Tech Teamsters Union Salary
Prof Tech Non-Union Salary

Substitute Pay Rates

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