Special Episode: Sit Down With Sam

In this first special segment we call “Sit Down With Sam,” Superintendent Sam Himmel discusses questions submitted by the public, her thoughts for the upcoming school year, and more!

Episode 7 - Introducing: iPadOS (Coming This Fall)

Dan Koch, district Technology Coach for Citrus County Schools, discusses one of Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference bombshells: iPadOS! This new operating system, which is built using the same infrastructure as iOS, is made specifically for the iPad (think: no more "jumbo" iPhone apps on a big iPad screen) and includes a lot of brand new, iPad-specific features that'll be great for our students and teachers! Dan goes over a few highlights that will have great impact on student work and productivity, and some new accessibility features. 

Episode 6 - Self-Directed Learning w/Jerry Swiatek, Academy of Computer Sciences Teacher @ Citrus High School

Jim Kelly, district Technology Specialist for Citrus County Schools, has a conversation with Citrus High School's Jerry Swiatek about the innovative things going on at Citrus High's Academy of Computer Science, where he is lead teacher and coordinator of the program. Jerry talks to Jim about how self-directed learning and problem solving is a cornerstone of their program, how computational thinking is like learning another language, and the pathways available to students entering and leaving CHS' Academy of Computer Science. 

Episode 5 - New Technology Happenings with Lance Fletcher, Network Project Leader

In this episode, Matt Biggs, District Technology Specialist for Citrus County Schools, talks with Lance Fletcher about some new things going on in the world of technology in Citrus County Schools. Lance discusses some new areas of improvement that'll be pertinent to teachers in the coming school year and some updates the Technology Resource Center will be making over the summer!

Episode 4 -
MakerSpaces with Eileen Jenkin, Media Specialist @ Citrus Springs Middle School

Jim Kelly, district Technology Specialist for Citrus County Schools, has a conversation with Citrus Springs Middle Schools' Eileen Jenkin about what the media center means in the year 2019 and beyond, maker-spaces, and reimagining literacy for today's learners. 

Episode 3 - The Innovator's Mindset

Mary Leonard, Instructional Technology Coach for Citrus County Schools chats with us this week about George Couros' book "The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity." Mary breaks down some key things from the book that we can all be thinking about and practicing in our own classrooms! 

Episode 2 - Gimkit - Like Kahoot, but with Money!

Megan Spelich takes the mic this week to talk about Gimkit, a tool you can use for fun formative assessment and review. Think Kahoot, but with the ability to earn (play) money and shop for power-ups!

Episode 1 - What's this all about?

This is the inaugural episode of the CCSBInnovates Podcast--THE podcast of the Citrus County School District! In this episode, we discuss some things going on in our district, the idea behind the podcast, and some other great tips for teachers.