Support Staff Development Council

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About Us
The Support Staff Development Council (SSDC) is a team comprised of support
staff from each school and District departments and we meet throughout the school year. The team, meeting dates, and minutes are posted on the SSDC

Our Vision
Our vision for the future is that all Citrus County support staff will be effective and professional, will be active participants in school and community activities,
and will feel they are valued in their support position.

Our Mission
The mission of the Support Staff Development Council is to work as a team to
assist and mentor support staff in attaining and maintaining the skills, knowledge, and inspiration that will enable them to perform their jobs more effectively and professionally, thereby benefiting students. This will be accomplished by sharing with support staff the school and community activities throughout the district, and providing guidance for support staff issues. SSDC is also committed to community outreach and service to improve the lives of the children in Citrus County.