iPad with student essay displayed

Vision for Learning

Preparing our students to be College and Career Ready includes fostering 21st Century Skills and integrating technology.  In order to guarantee equitable access to the full range of digital resources for all students, an iPad will be provided to the fourth to twelfth grade students.  The sixth to twelfth graders will be issued a take home device. 

Daily use of the iPad is required to access textbooks, digital resources, and a variety of other instructional applications. The goal for teacher and student use is to increase collaboration, critical thinking skills, and creativity.  Citrus County Schools strives to immerse our students in personalized, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences.

Use this website to explore iPad resources: iPad - Official Apple Support 

Current Prices for Lost or Damaged iPads
(subject to change depending on costs)

Important Considerations for Generation 9 iPADs

  • Loss of the iPad will result in charges.
  • Theft of an iPad is covered by the insurance if the family provides a police report.
  • The insurance will cover the physical iPad only.

Repeated damage or intentional damage may result in charges.

  • Battery Replacement
  •  $55.00
  • Cracked Screen Replacement
  •  $55.00
  • Cracked Screen and Battery Replacement
  •  $95.00
  • Cracked Screen and LCD Replacement
  •  $109.00
  • Cracked Screen and Home Button Replacement
  •  $65.00
  • Charging/Sync Port Repair
  •  $55.00
  • Headphone Jack Repair
  •  $45.00
  • Home Button Repair
  •  $35.00
  • LCD Replacement
  •  $109.00
  • WIFI Repair
  •  $45.00
  • Front Camera
  •  $45.00
  • Rear Camera
  •  $45.00
  • Board Repair
  •  $85.00
  • Speakers
  •  $45.00
  • Power/Volume Button
  •  $45.00
  • Complete Housing
  •  $109.00

Charges NOT covered by insurance for Generation 9 iPADs

  • Logitech Keyboard case or loss of the keyboard case
  •  $99.00
  • Brenthaven case or loss of the case
  •  $35.00
  • Damage to charging block/cord
  •  $38.00

*Only original Apple brand charging blocks and cords for the generation 9 iPad will be accepted.

Important Information regarding Loaner iPADs

  • Loaner iPads will be provided to students if the need for repair arises.
  • Please note that the loaner iPad is NOT covered by insurance.

Any damage or loss to the loaner iPad will result in the following fines:

  • Loss or complete damage to the iPad
  •  $294
  • Loss or complete damage to the loaner iPad case
  •  $35
  • Loss or damage to the charging block/cord
  •  $14
  • Cracked screens
  •  $65
  • Damaged charging ports or audio ports
  •  $10