Message from Superintendent of Schools Sandra "Sam" Himmel

Superintendent Sandra "Sam" Himmel
Mission Possible! 

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Our school system and community have experienced unprecedented challenges, but I can say without a doubt – together, we overcame and conquered.  Simply put – Mission Possible.  Our continuing commitments to address the health and safety of our students and maintain excellence in education have never wavered. 

The administration, teachers and School Board would like to thank you for your support, understanding and shared dedication to our learning community. We shall continue to work in unison to be the best we can be.

Staff have engaged in continuous learning and professional development with the goal to deliver instruction that meets the needs of students whether in the traditional classroom or in a virtual setting. Parents, please know that I deeply appreciate and value the role you play in your child’s education.  I urge you to stay involved with each year of his/her school career to ensure the greatest success possible. 

It is my honor to serve as your Superintendent of Schools.  Let's make this a great year! 


Sandra “Sam” Himmel

Superintendent of Schools