DRILL: Active Shooter Training

DRILL: Active Shooter Training
Posted on 10/03/2019
active shooter trainingCommunication is crucial when it comes to the safety of our students and staff if one of our schools is ever faced with an active shooter situation. We understand it's scary to think about, but all of our first responders here in Citrus County know that training is the only way to ensure the fastest response possible in an emergency. 
On Wednesday, several agencies, including several school administrative teams, Citrus County Fire Rescue, Crystal River Fire Department, and Nature Coast EMS came together to test the communication and response.
Observers watched exactly how law enforcement, ems and fire, work together and respond with trainers breaking down each step for observers going through all of the stages of a real-life active shooter. 
The first stage - eliminate the threat -- first and foremost. Next, they watched how medic teams react quickly to get into the building and save lives as quickly as possible. The main takeaway for most of these active shooter drills - communication. 
DISCLAIMER: This is a drill with only blanks being fired as part of the exercise. No actual gunfire was used in this drill. 
All safety precautions were taken by the participating agencies. There is gunfire (blanks) in this video which may be disturbing to some viewers.
YouTube video of training.