Substitute Teachers Needed

Substitute Teachers Needed
Posted on 10/21/2019
Substitutes NeededThe Citrus County School District is seeking substitute teachers for grades K-12. The district maintains an active list of substitute teachers who are utilized on an as-needed basis, to cover the classroom in the absence of the regular (full-time) teachers. The primary role of the substitute teacher is to continue student learning along the continuum, established by the teacher for whom he/she is substituting. Substitute Teachers, providing day-to-day service, are paid at the per diem rate, for the actual days worked. They do not receive any benefits. 
To view the substitute teacher pay rates - click here.  
If you are a retired school teacher from our district and interested in coming back as a substitute teacher, the district will pay for fingerprinting and drug testing.  Normal fees for these services are $80.00 for fingerprinting and drug-testing.
Sub teaching applications can be found here.  The Citrus County School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.