Give us your Feedback!
Give us your Feedback! Parents - we need to hear from you!  Look below and choose the survey that fits how your child is learning this year.  As you can see, they are separated by whether your child attends on brick -and-mortar campuses or is enrolled in Citrus Virtual.  Please choose the correct survey.  

This survey is completely anonymous and redirects you at the end of the survey to another page for a chance to win $100 in Publix groceries!   Three lucky winners will be announced on April 1st


Parent Surveys
Brick and Mortar - GRADES PK - 5      ELEMENTARY       Virtual - GRADES PK - 5

Brick and Mortar - GRADES 6 - 8           MIDDLE            Virtual - GRADES 6 - 8

Brick and Mortar - GRADES 9 - 12           HIGH              Virtual - GRADES 9 - 12