2021 School Board Organizational Meeting

School Board Organizational Meeting
Posted on 11/10/2021
School Board Organizational Meeting

Full speed ahead for the Citrus County School Board. During the annual organizational meeting Tuesday afternoon, board members voted on school board member Virginia “Ginger” Bryant as the new chairperson. Vice-chairman is now school board member Doug Dodd. All motions moved unanimously five to zero.

Former School Board Chairwoman Linda Powers was presented with a plaque by Superintendent Sam Himmel and incoming Chairwoman Ginger Bryant thanking her for her tenure as Chairwoman.

The responsibilities of the school board chairperson include running meetings, keeping track of unfinished business and upcoming issues, meeting with school district officials, reviewing meeting agendas, signing all documents on behalf of the school board, representing the school board and district, managing discussions among board members and all other tasks to ensure meetings run efficiently and decisions are lawful.

School board members also voted 5-0 to rehire Wes Bradshaw, school board attorney.

All Regular School Board Business Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 4:00 p.m. Any Special Meetings/Workshops will be called as needed.