4-H Public Speaking Winners

4-H Public Speaking Winners
Posted on 05/11/2022
4-H Public Speaking WinnersCongratulations to our 4-H Public Speaking Contest winners!  Student winners got the opportunity to read their speeches during Tuesday’s school board meeting.  

This educational program is intended to give students experience in the preparation and delivery of a speech, while instilling confidence and poise in them. Each student chooses a topic of their choice then researches and organizes the material to present to judges in a specific amount of time. Every student has their own unique way to present their speech that captures every listener.

All 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, along with Citrus eSchool participated in the 4-H public speaking contest from the Citrus County School District. Students from Seven Rivers Christian School also participated.
Student winners from grades 4th, 5th and 6th:
Honorable Mention: Crystal River Primary School - Spencer Ralph- “The History of NASA” 
3rd Place: Lecanto Primary School - Isabella Vogel – “A Pollution Problem” 
2nd Place: Citrus eSchool - Isabella Rueck – “The Best Day of my Life!” 
1st Place: Seven Rivers Christian School - Addison Masciarelli – “The Race of the Winter: The Iditarod”
Honorable Mention: Seven Rivers Christian School - Lourdes Ornelas- “Innovations Throughout Generations”
3rd Place: Citrus eSchool - Dominic Andras- “Colonizing Mars”
2nd Place: Citrus Springs Middle School - Noah Walker- “Splash”
1st Place: Citrus Springs Middle School - Addison Masciarelli – Sastia Mitchell- “It Only Takes a Second”
In 2021, the Tropicana Corporation made the decision to step away from sponsorship of the 4-H Public Speaking Contest. Local leaders from the Rotary club of Crystal River and the Citrus County 4-H Foundation partnered to continue this Public Speaking program in Citrus County Schools. Since 2014, nearly 30,000 young people in Citrus County have participated in the program.

To watch all of the speeches during the board meeting, please visit, https://youtu.be/1g8OJ41DhrU