Bus Request Form

Student Information:

Student Name:  Age:  Home Phone:

School:  Grade:

Assigned Stop Location:

Parent Name:  Work Phone:

Street Address:  Nearest Cross Street:

Your request is important to us, please allow up to 10 days for careful consideration of
review of your request. Transportation will contact you as soon as the review is complete.

Reason for Request:New Request Requested Previously

New to the area

Our closest school bus stop is more than .5 miles from our home address.

The intersection of the nearest cross street and our street is more than .5 miles from
our home address.

The walk route to the bus stop is hazardous, i.e. multiple curves, no shoulder,.

My student would be required to cross a divided roadway to reach the bus stop.


  • If approval is granted for out-of-zone, the parents are responsible for transportation to the closest in-zone bus stop.
  • If you have animals loose in the neighborhood, please call Animal Control at 726-7660.
  • If you have suspicious persons in the neighborhood, please call the Sheriff’s office at 726-4488.

Please read: State Statutes and Citrus County School Board Policies related to school bus stops

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