Academic Excellence and Athletic Achievement 


picture of Burke Malmberg

Caption: Burke Malmberg poses with his 2nd place Olympic and 1st place Traditional Team trophies (Photo: Burke Malmberg).

Harlan Smith, Student Writer - Effective time management, unwavering motivation, and inspiring leadership are the cornerstones of a successful academic journey at Lecanto High School [LHS]. We had the privilege of speaking with Burke Malmberg, a remarkable student who has managed to excel academically, actively engage in extracurricular activities, and maintain a thriving social life. Malmberg is a four-sport athlete and a three-star recruit in football. Earning the Male Athlete of the Year, 2022 Academic All-American, and the Travis McGee Captain of the Year award, all while being invited to play in the ‘Florida vs. Georgia All-Star Showcase Game,’ and has been invited to several college programs, most notably Junior’s Day at Troy University. He also Possesses a 4.53 GPA, 28 ACT, and a 1260 SAT. Burke shared invaluable insights into his strategies for balancing these demanding aspects of life, staying motivated in the face of challenges, and offering advice to fellow students aspiring to achieve similar success. 

Burke’s ability to excel academically while participating in extracurricular activities and nurturing a social life is a testament to his impeccable time management skills. Burke’s approach highlights the importance of creating a schedule accommodating academic responsibilities and personal interests. 

“The way I manage my time is I know when I will have some free time, so I allow myself to schedule what I will do during that free time. Whether it be homework, training for sports, or playing video games,” said senior Burke Malmberg. 

Burke’s academic journey has been without challenges, including daunting coursework and assignments. Burke relies on a powerful motivator when faced with such difficulties: his mind. This mental visualization technique underscores the significance of maintaining a clear vision of one’s potential and goals. Burke’s approach is a reminder that self-belief can be a potent force for overcoming challenges and achieving success. 

“Something I use for motivation is imagining myself not being the top quality I know I can be. This helps me get through tough situations and assignments by thinking that it could always be worse if I don’t persevere through,” said Malmberg.

Burke’s exceptional journey in academics and extracurricular activities has also positioned him as a leader among his peers. His knowledge is a testament to the power of self-determination and resilience. He emphasizes the importance of ignoring naysayers, staying committed to one’s dreams, and prioritizing personal happiness. So, when asked about any advice he may have, he said. 

“[Some] advice I can give to my peers and the younger youth is never let someone tell you what you can and can’t accomplish. Enough hard work and dedication can make you into whatever you want. Most important is to keep yourself at peace with yourself, do whatever makes you happy and whatever you want to do,” Malmberg said.

Within the world of student-athletes, there are various types of athletes. Occasionally, there is a shining star whose journey embodies the essence of being a student at LHS. Burke has done so much for our school, being a representative of the Advancement Via Individual Determination [AVID] and several sports.

“Burke is one of those rare athletes who are both a student and athlete at the highest level. He has represented the AVID program and is a football player, weightlifter, and student leader. He is exceptional at what he does,” said Athletic Director Peter Rausch.

CHS Homecoming: The Week Before the Crown


CHS Homecoming

By: Hope Walters 

When homecoming is mentioned, it’s the football game, queen, and the dance that comes to mind first. At Citrus High School, that is just the finale to a long week of competition between the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes. 

After weeks of preparation and planning, the first day of homecoming week starts off with students in every grade level coming together to decorate their class sponsor’s designated hallways to represent a chosen theme. This year it consisted of, “Fresh Freshman”, “Super Sophomores”, “Once Upon a Junior Year”, and “Level Up-Seniors”.  

Freshman, Alexis Grant stated, “Being involved with homecoming events has made me feel like the Freshman have a voice and makes me want to be more involved in school.”  After judges from the school district visited and voted, it was decided that the Seniors took the win for the hallway decorating, but the juniors were a close second.  

Senior, Delainey Nix was a part of the construction of the winning hallway. Nix stated, “It makes me proud to be a part of our school, that we can have something different. Homecoming makes me enjoy school more, it’s a pride thing, being able to compete with other grades and having the chance to win, it’s nice.” 

After the hallway decorating comes two more preparation days of float building for the homecoming parade on Thursday. Students prepared designs, supplies, and got the community involved to donate their time, trucks, and trailers to make the floats and parade a possibility. It’s not all passing out candy and hyping up the football team for the big game; it’s a competition between class floats. 

For the first time in CHS history, the homecoming parade float competition had a first-place tie between the Freshman and Senior classes. When Mrs. Lita Stanton, homecoming organizer and teacher of the year announced the results during the pep rally, both classes erupted in the stands with excitement and shock. Stanton said, “This Freshman class is one to watch”.  

Following the pep rally, the classes rushed to the football field to compete against each other in a series of gaming events called Storm Surge. The final overall results of the week’s competitions were 1st place Seniors, 2nd place Juniors, 3rd place Freshman, and 4th place Sophomores.  

These events create class spirit and bonding amongst students and staff. Most importantly, after a long and competitive week, students are united on Friday night for the homecoming game. Under Friday night lights, “it’s ALWAYS a great day to be a Hurricane!” 

On to All State

Written by Piper Oravetz & Re’lynn Hamilton

Crystal River High logoSeptember 12 marked the start of this year’s Florida All State auditions, a chorus competition in which singers all across Florida take part in different tests to determine the best of the best.

“When we got there, we did a written test with stuff on hearing, multiple choice questions, and a sight-reading test, ” said Jeralyn Lay, a sophomore at Crystal River High School who ended up passing.

Those who pass will continue on to the next competition on October 10, where they’ll sing to judges.

Congratulations to Lay, as well as seniors Rebecca Stewart, Kayla Stevens and Melanie Bedee for passing and advancing to the next round!