There’s No Place Like Home

Written by Braelynn Long

CRHS Week  

As the month of October creeps by us, Crystal River High School’s Student Government will tackle this year’s Homecoming with an exciting theme - There’s No Place Like Home. This theme includes a fun dress up week that starts on October 16 and other school spirit events.

Calvin Jenkins, Senior Class Vice President, was the person who originally suggested the theme.

Michael Miller, the Senior Class President, said being in Crystal River, our hometown, is what inspired this theme.

Miller said Student Government has worked on this theme since the beginning of the year. Miller said he is most excited about PROWL and the parade on October 19.

PROWL is where students sign up from each class to gather on the football field and compete in a series of field games, while the remaining students sit in the bleachers and watch for entertainment.

Jenkins, who is also a Varsity Football player, says he is not sure what he is most excited about for Homecoming. “It’s going to be a long day for sure.” “I need to make time before Homecoming to take pictures with family and friends since we must get ready for the game.”

Empowering Success: Lecanto High School's Panther Afterschool Snack and Study (PASS) Program

Pass program
Caption: LHS students sign in at PASS on Wednesday, October 11th (Photo: Sabrina Verchot).

Harlan R. Smith, Student Writer - After school, Lecanto High School [LHS] holds a program that quietly makes a profound impact on the lives of its students. The Panther Afterschool Snack and Study [PASS] Program is more than an after-school snack service. It's a vital resource that nourishes hungry bellies and young minds, creating a healthier, happier, and more academically successful generation. 


At LHS, PASS operates with a clear mission to ensure that no student goes home without the tools needed for academic success. This program recognizes the pivotal role of focused study time in a student's educational journey. It's dedicated to bridging the gap for students who may not have access to a nutritious meal or a quiet place to study at home. 


“The PASS Program essentially helps our student-athletes and general students struggling in their academic classes get tutoring from both instructional staff and peer tutors. The purpose of this program is to get our students to reach their [Grade Point Average] requirements to participate in extracurricular activities, while also being on pace to graduate,” said PASS coordinator Celeste Rausch. 


PASS is committed to inclusivity, welcoming all LHS students who need it. It doesn't matter if a student is part of a sports program; all students can attend and benefit from the PASS Program. This inclusivity reflects the program's dedication to comprehensively addressing hunger and educational needs. The program averages nearly 125 participants daily, with almost 75% taking snacks.


“The pass program has helped me find help with my biology class, which I'm struggling to keep up with. At the PASS program, I’ve been allowed to be tutored by teachers and more advanced students,” said sophomore Garrett Miller. 


Within the walls of the cafeteria, a world of possibilities unfolds. It's a place where students' appetites are satisfied, their academic ambitions are nurtured, and the community known as the Panther Nation comes together to shape a promising future. 


“It has helped me and many of my fellow marching band members stay up to date on our work, giving us a quiet place to work, collaborate, and help each other on assignments. It also helps and gives us time before our long rehearsals to get some things started or done,” said senior Apostolos Lesser. 


In the Panther Afterschool Snack and Study Program, students find the perfect sanctuary for their academic pursuits. Whether they are working independently, in small groups, with a Peer Tutor, or with direct instructional staff. For many, it's not just a place to complete assignments or seek extra help; it's a haven where dreams take root and flourish. They realize they are not alone in their journey.


“PASS Program has been a game-changer for me. It's not just a place to study or grab a snack; it's a place to refuel my body and dreams. Thanks to PASS, I've significantly improved my grades and focus, especially in my math and science classes. But for softball, it's where I've found my motivation to keep pushing for excellence on and off the field,” said sophomore Zoey Embertson. 

Key Club Announcement
Written by Anastasia Gonzalez


ATTENTION… Parents/Guardians of any child attending Homosassa Elementary School, Crystal River High School Key Club is going to travel to Homosassa Elementary to host after school tutoring, starting on October 2.

Tutoring will take place every Monday and Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

CRHS students who help tutor will receive community service hours.

For more information please contact Jessica MacRae at [email protected] or (352) 860 - 3114.