Charles Smith going on 100!
Written by Purshia Allotey

CHS Wrestling
*Picture taken after Charles won his 100th win with his team and coaches celebrating his success!

Charles Smith- a high school senior, wrestling team captain, and one who just recently secured his 100th match. Charles Smith recently earned his 100th wrestling match with Citrus High School. Smith, who is an advocate for hard work and discipline, says he can attribute his motivation to his own self-dedication and his coaches. He mentions how his coaches have dedicated their time to drive Smith to tournaments, camps, and even out-of-state events. Smith when asked about his coaches had to say- “I just feel like I owe it to them- times I wanted to quit but they don’t quit on me; so I won’t on them.”

Smith' s regimented routine of waking up at 5:30 am and then heading to the gym two times a day has attributed him to being an amazing wrestler. This dedication can also account for his impressive achievements- In his freshman year, he was the first freshman to go to a state-wide competition for wrestling and compete as a freshman in more than ten years for Citrus High School. Smith during this time also won two-time national all-American titles.

We at Citrus High School are honored to have Charles Smith as a dedicated and disciplined hurricane.

“Clue: On Stage”

By Piper Oravetz

Actors on stage "Clue On Stage"

Before the holidays, Crystal River High School launched their theater production of the murder mystery “Clue: On Stage.”

Before each of the three performances, there was a short one-act play, each depicting a different story.

The first one, titled “Why We Like Love Stories” is about four teenagers and their views on love, and their struggles with love life.

The second, titled “The Audition,” follows a stage manager recruiting actors for an upcoming play.

Finally, “Hotline” features a new operator at SILT Hotline, a company to call to swear your worries away, and a woman who can’t seem to swear, despite her frustration.

Actors in this production included seniors Devon Hicks, Lucas Hollis, Jayden Johnson, Lana Perrell, Cara Spehar, Kayla Stevens, Rebecca Stewart, Jeanne Weir, and Skyler Wolfe; juniors Albert Hemann and Madison Webster; sophomores Jewel Burnette, Abrianna Hart, Jeralyn Lay, myself, Cora Sessions, and Amahri Williams; and freshman Callahan Hudson.