Lady Pirates Softball
Written by Matti Patrick

The Crystal River High School Lady Pirates Varsity softball team has finally been formed. There are a total of 12 girls this year. The Lady Pirates are expecting a successful season with big goals and hard work.

When asked what their goals were this year, head coach Alyssa Hamilton enthusiastically said, “Win districts, win regionals, win states.”

Although the coaches have big goals this year, they said they are most excited for game time and seeing the girls improve throughout the season.

More Than Drills: JROTC Showcases Teamwork and Spirit at Field Day
Gisselle M. Brenner, Student Writer

LHS JROTC practicing teamwork

Cadet Sergeant D’Angelo Robinson sets up the Gator Ball game during Field Day at LHS (Photo: Brenner).

In a remarkable display of teamwork, dedication, and Battalion spirit, the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) organized a dynamic field day for all cadets on Friday, December 8th, 2023. The event kicked off at the Lecanto High School (LHS) football field, setting the stage for a day filled with camaraderie and shared experiences.

In the profound embrace of camaraderie and the transformative crucible of teamwork, the cadet experience emerges as an enduring beacon, illuminating the path of unparalleled personal and collective growth. Nestled within the very core of unity, this journey transcends mere participation, evolving into a crucible where resilience is forged, leadership is honed, and character is sculpted.

“Being able to interact with my fellow cadets and seeing how company’s work as a team. Seeing others succeed in their leadership positions was fun to witness. I enjoy the leadership skills it has taught me over the years as well as the friendships and memories I’ve gathered,” said Cadet Captain Keira Lewis.

CHS: Photography That Lasts a Lifetime

By: Lourelai Cavanaugh-Montgomery

Here at citrus high school, we offer many electives, one including our awesome photography class taught by Mrs. Boudreau (Mrs. B). Not only is this class fun but also super beneficial, having the ability to unleash your creativity and learn about capturing amazing moments through your lens. Whether you’re a beginner or already have some experience this class is perfect for honoring your talent while having fun at the same time

Mrs. B has been teaching at CHS for 29 years! Teaching more than 2 decades she now gets the opportunity to teach 2nd generations. “It’s special to have watched a student grow up in the program and then years later have that students’ child as well!” States Mrs. B.

Mrs. B shares that ever since she was little she always “had a camera in her hand” it seems that photography has always been in the blood as she gives insight to her photography start up, “I grew up in a family of photographers, everyone was always taking pictures, we also had a dark room in our home so I grew up all around the photography experience”.

She constantly knew she wanted to be a photographer and loved being around kids so teaching photo would be the perfect mix, after college she ended up taking over her former photography teacher’s class right here at CHS, how amazing!

Students seem to really love and enjoy her class, you get to learn about composition, lighting developing, and more. They get to explore a variety of techniques to enhance contrast, texture, and composition in their photographs. Students in this class get to experiment with different lighting conditions, use filters, and master the art of photo processing. It’s an excellent opportunity to develop a unique style in photography.

“Mrs. B has helped me to grow with my photo skills while also providing a safe space for all of her students to feel welcomed and comfortable.” (Ashlyn McGan)

Not only do you learn all about photography in this class, but you also make and build friendships, with the kindness from Mrs. B this classroom is a safe haven for students to feel judgement free.

Senior Chloe Dunn shares that Mrs. B has been “by her side all Four years” of her high school career, guiding her in the right direction especially when things got rough.

Mrs. Boudreau has touched the lives of, and inspired many teens and young adults, including Citrus Alumni Emma Seal. She shares her experience with Mrs. B and her photography class. Emma started photography her sophomore year soon after she was inducted into Kellie’s Corner (a special club ran by Mrs. B) that allows her as a post-graduate to visit Mrs. B and use her own dark room!
“During my senior year I became extremely lonely, photography was a way for me to express my emotions without directly saying them. The photo room was a safe space for me to go. During the second half of my SR year, I began to find my style and really understood the camera”.

Last year CHS had the Christmas break challenge, Emma shares she really “went all out for it” and put her best foot forward “she was so excited about it that she woke up at 2AM to drive to a sunrise just for one of the prompts”. Mrs. B really enjoyed and loved Emma’s work, noting to her that she would be a great photojournalist, which was a catalyst for a career path of hers. Photography and Mrs. B have inspired her career path, which is quite awesome. “If I was a school board member I would implement this class into every school, that’s if Mrs. B could be cloned.”

Mrs. B’s photography class is a great elective to choose. From learning all the details about the cameras, to developing photos, to the dark room, this class opens your eyes to the beauties of our world and precious memories a little photo can hold. Mrs. B has truly made an inspirational impact on students touching their hearts, this class is beneficial to all kinds of students, from shy to outgoing, all students feel safe and welcome here at Mrs. Boudreau’s photography class!

Mrs. Boudreau with students

While having fun, Mrs. Boudreau is looking at film with students to distinguish her photography with students.