CHS Girls Weightlifting is Going to States!
By: Lourelai Cavanaugh-Montgomery

Big news from Citrus High School!

Our girls weightlifting team is heading to states in Lakeland this year!

They’ve been working hard and now they have the chance to showcase their strength and skills.

Our girls weightlifting team coaches are Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Albrecht.
Mrs. Lewis has been coaching girls weightlifting for 2 years now. This 2024 season is Ms. Albrecht’s  first year coaching girls weightlifting although she is a well-seasoned coach in other sports!
“Our coaches push us to always do our best even during practices, because they know our true potential” (Makaila Anderson)
The CHS girls weightlifting team has been putting in the work and dedication to prepare for the upcoming state competition in Lakeland, their practices have been intense, focusing on key weightlifting moves, these include:

The snatch where the lifter lifts the bar as high as possible and pulls themselves under it in a squat position, receiving the bar overhead with the arms straight.

Clean and Jerks which are a compound movement, meaning that it requires multiple joints, muscle groups, and stabilizing muscles.

And benching, bending arms and allowing the bar to slowly lower toward your chest.

“I’m excited to see how we do this year at states, we have all been waiting to get our moment to show what we’ve worked hard for”.  (Sophie Wood)

With each rep and set, these ladies are honoring their technique and building their strength.

 Practicing and perfecting these types of moves can be very difficult, their determination and commitment is truly inspiring.

“From all our practices and repetition of weightlifting moves we have built up our strength and power”. (Madison Freeman)

Thanks to their amazing coaches pushing them to be their best,
these 5 girls, Sophie wood, Myrina Reardon, Makaila Anderson, Madison Freeman, and Genesis Gonzales are all competing in the 2024 states in Lakeland this year.
We’re all thrilled to see what the CHS girls will accomplish at states, from putting in the hard work to practicing those snatches, cleans and jerks, and benching like champions. These girls have a great chance at succeeding at states this year! GO Canes!

Students smiling

Photo Credits: Chloe Dunn

These 5 weightlifters from CHS will be going to States in Lakeland to show off their hard work and power. From the left Makaila Anderson, Sophie Wood,  Genesis Gonzales, Myrina Reardon, and Madison Freeman.

Little Mermaid Rehearsals

Written by Piper Oravetz

The Little Mermaid
  • It’s official - rehearsals for Crystal River High School’s production of ‘The Little Mermaid’ have begun!

    “Our director, Mr. Lay, has just handled this with such love and care,” sophomore Abrianna Hart, who is double casted as one of the Ariels, said. “I’m so excited to be a part of this production and see how it turns out.”

    Hart says that more people auditioned for the musical than last year’s production of ‘Seussical,’ as well as other past performances from the school.

    “Everyone is just so talented and I’m so glad people are willing to help out and take part in this production,” she said.

    Chorus teacher Shelby Crane said that there were students who auditioned who she’d never expected.

    “I was surprised at the talent of everyone who auditioned,” Crane said. “I know most of the students could sing, but some of them were an unexpected surprise. In a good way, of course,” Crane laughed.

    Behind the scenes will be working on set design, costumes, lighting, sound, and all other aspects of this production to make it fun and accurate for actors and ensemble alike.