Operation School Beautification at CHS

Student Writer: Lourelai Cavanaugh-Montgomery

CHS BeautificationInspiring students, staff, and club members (ROTC, Key Club, Interact, NHS, etc.) are working on transforming and beautifying our school, with a big community of helpful students, commitment to improve, these clubs are creating a more vibrant and welcoming environment for all students.

From planting, mulching, to painting, to planting, to cleaning up and adding decor. These actions aren’t just changing the physical parts of the school but have transformed our school into the good vibes of seeing the scenery and atmosphere.

 Beautifying CHS can really boost student pride in their school, it creates a more welcoming environment which can improve student and staff focus and reduce stress. Plus being involved in projects like mulching areas and adding decor can give a sense of teamwork among students, this is great for the atmosphere and students’ well-being.

Student Brayden Schloss shares that “seeing parts of our school being rebranded puts me in a better mood seeing a clean atmosphere.”

Beautifying high schools creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere that can improve everyone’s overall mood, walking into a space that’s well maintained and cleaned up will make students feel more comfortable and prouder of their school.

“The community helping out, shows students school spirit”. Ayden walling

Seeing students work together can inspire others to do the same, this is beneficial to all staff and students of citrus high, thank you to all the clubs, students, and staff members who have helped beautify our school.

CHS brings back their JV Softball Team

Student Writer: Lourelai Cavanaugh-Montgomery

CHS Softball
Photo Credits: Chloe Dunn Student at CHS

After a three-year break CHS is welcoming back its Junior Varsity softball team. This is such an exciting development for our school’s athletic program and the softball lovers in our community.

With the return of the JV team, it’s not just about playing the game but also about teamwork, bonding skills, and creating a supportive environment for our young athletes,

We all are sure this isn’t only going to benefit the players by providing them with valuable playing time and experience, but it will also bring more school spirit to our team.

Our softball team is run by our school athletics director Mr. Bishop who has been coaching for 26 years and our photography teacher Mrs. Boudreau, this being her 10th year coaching.

These two do a great job of setting an example of what it takes to be successful in softball.

Mr. Bishop & Mrs. Bordeau share that “we’ve always wanted a Junior Varsity team there just wasn’t enough girls trying out to make one, but when we saw how many girls showed up this year and how well they worked together we knew it would be a great idea.”

Mrs. B gives insight to how the team is going, “they all work together, and seem to be growing and building relationships as they go.”

“The JV team is definitely working well; everyone knows their roll and works together as a team” (Mr. Bishop)

After the 3-year break CHS proudly welcomes back the Junior Varsity softball team, our fields will be filled with many more softball athletes. This really speaks volumes to our school’s commitment to showing young talent. Softball is more than just a game, it’s a dedication to growth, teamwork, and the team spirit of our students here at CHS.

Go lady Pirates!
Written by Matti Patrick

The varsity softball Lady Pirates were more than excited for the preseason game on Valentine’s Day. 

“We’re gonna be locked in” “It's gonna be a good season” and “We’re gonna do great” were some responses from players prior to the preseason game.

The girls did not lie. The final score was 7-0 with a perfect game from sophomore Violet Flynn, pitcher. Sophomore Riley Castle made the last out of the game by catching a pop fly in centerfield.

The girls dominated both defensively and offensively.

Freshman Brooklyn Tidwell led off the inning hitting a triple to right field. In addition to Flynn’s phenomenal pitching, she hit a base clearing double to left field.

The Lady Pirates have never been more fired up and can’t wait to take on the next game!