Citrus County School's home education program is a parent driven program. By enrolling in home education, the parent is assuming all responsibilities to educate their child including the choice of curriculum and materials. Current law does not prescribe a curriculum or course of study for home education programs.

Citrus County Schools does not provide books, curriculum, or materials.

Students enrolled in a home education program do not receive a high school diploma or certificate of completion from Citrus County Schools.

If you would like to request virtual courses as part of your student’s home education program, please go to Citrus eSchool’s website. Citrus eSchool offers FLVS courses with a local teacher. 

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[email protected]
Beckie Baker, District Student Services Secretary
Jennifer Greco, District Student Services Coordinator

Phone: 352.527.0090
2575 S. Panther Pride Drive
Lecanto, FL 34461