The counselors work towards promoting the fullest development of each individual student. Counselors provide a supportive role to students regarding academic preparation, mental health, interpersonal relations, social adjustment, problem solving, and respect. They also help children develop positive attitudes toward school and take control of their personal choices.

Central Ridge Elementary - Leona Williams

Citrus Springs Elementary - Jennifer Grassman

Crystal River Primary - Jenny Kreusch

Floral City Elementary - Jeanne Palma-Hughes

Forest Ridge Elementary - Trishia Mikel

Hernando Elementary -Michele Candrilli

Homosassa Elementary - Debra Harmon

Inverness Primary - Kerry Krantz

Lecanto Primary -Brandy Wyatt

Pleasant Grove Elementary - Elyse Matriccino 

Rock Crusher Elementary - Kelly Burkholder

Citrus Springs Middle - Teresa Pettit, Marcia Brown

Crystal River Middle - Lanna Wentworth, Christine Stewart

Inverness Middle - Diane Buie, Samantha Schultz

Lecanto Middle - Stephanie Hampton-Hill, Manda Zettle

Citrus High - Cindy Lewis, Cali McClain, Kristin LaVere, Shanna Munn, Tracie Stokes

Crystal River High - William Langston, Trudee Mason, Michael Nelson, Sherry Snowden, Kim Stratton

Lecanto High - Sandra Torres, Beth Evans, Shedric Staley, William Bond, Erika Lazaro

Academy of Environmental Science - Zone school counselor

Crest - Stephanie Argus

Cypress Creek - Rob Cummins

Withlacoochee Technical College - Ryan Naugle

Citrus eSchool -Trudee Mason