Written by Evelynne Berry

picture of Navy Junior OfficerThe Crystal River High School Annual Military Inspection (AMI) is on Nov. 7. This event is the most important inspection that the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) program undergoes.

AMI inspects the administration of the program, the supply wall to wall inventory, all the cadets’ uniforms, grooming standards, military bearing, and drill.

“AMI is the most important inspection because it is an accumulation of all of the hard work and effort that the cadets have put into the program,” said Warrant Officer 5 Rivera. “Practice, practice, practice for new cadets who may not know how to do drill,” Rivera said.

The AMI inspection is important to the whole NJROTC unit. Warrant states that the CRHS JROTC unit has never failed their inspection. They earned the title of Distinguished Unit for the 2022-2023 school year.

Lecanto High School Honors Dedicated Teacher and Staff

Picture of Ms. Dutcher and Mr. Koon
Dutcher Caption: Teacher of the Year, Hollie Dutcher proudly stands alongside Principal Jason Koon in a heartwarming moment of celebration and acknowledgment of her outstanding contributions to the field of education (Photo: Richard Crowley).

  picture of Ms. Weiczorek
Wieczorek Caption: (Photo: Lylah Ramsay).

Harlan R. Smith, Student Writer - Hollie Dutcher, and Louisa Wieczorek are exemplary examples of ‘The Panther Way!’ at Lecanto High School [LHS] Lecanto’s motto of achieving greatness, every Panther, every day. The Panther Way is possible due to the efforts of educators like Ms. Dutcher and Ms. Wieczorek. This is why they recently received accolades as Teacher of the Year and Staff Member of the Year, respectively. Ms. Dutcher brings passion and innovation to the classroom, inspiring her students and fostering a love for learning. Ms. Wieczorek's wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to the school community set her apart as a faithful veteran staff member, always willing to lend a helping hand. Ms. Dutcher and Ms. Wieczorek embody the values of excellence and dedication, making them exceptional role models in education. Their recognitions are a testament to their outstanding contributions to the school and the students they serve.


Ms. Wieczorek's tenure at LHS is a shining example of dedication and excellence. Her extensive experience, unparalleled knowledge, and unwavering commitment to going above and beyond in her role as a staff member are displayed every day.


“Ms. Wieczorek has been at Lecanto for a long time and has a lot of job experience, position experience, and knowledge from being a veteran staff member. Her experience alone sets her far apart from everybody else. Ms. Wieczorek spends many days working extra hours. She is always willing to help in several different areas, and because she’s been here so long, she knows the job and all the different areas in the school. That is what being the staff member of the year means,” said principal Jason Koon.


“I felt honored and special to have been chosen as School Related Employee of the Year. I was out sick when I received the news, so it was uplifting,” said Wieczorek.


In the school's dynamic environment, Dutcher has swiftly become an invaluable asset alongside Wieczorek. Her dedication and proactive approach have not gone unnoticed by her colleagues and students. As the school community thrives, Ms. Dutcher's contributions and versatility shine, making her a highly regarded team member.

“[Ms. Dutcher] is relatively new to Lecanto High School, but she has greatly impacted our students and culture. She has revamped our entire yearbook staff. She has stepped up in many ways, from the AVID program to mathematics. Ms. Dutcher is the person that you can ask to do anything or any job, and she will do it extraordinarily well. She has a willingness that separates her from her peers,” said Koon.

Throughout her career, Dutcher has honed a profound teaching philosophy centered on fostering strong bonds with students as the cornerstone of academic success. This approach, characterized by unwavering support and mentorship, not only engages students more deeply with the subject matter but also ensures they receive assistance whenever needed, extending beyond the classroom. She credits her extended family at Lecanto for both supporting and modeling this approach to education.

“I focus on building strong relationships with my students because I believe that helps them succeed in and outside my classroom. My students become engaged with the material and invest in their success if I have a good relationship with them. Over the past couple of years, I have developed a program that assigns student mentors to new and possibly struggling students within my classroom. I specifically use the students who have had my class before or have proven success. These mentors help guide their mentees and teach them the so-called tricks of the trade to understand the material and succeed in my class. I also use this support method to help my students in other subject areas throughout the day. I do make it a priority that all my class material and lessons are relevant to students and do my best to try and bridge the gap between now and their futures. I push to have students identify the importance of everything they do and the value of it regarding post-high school,” said Dutcher

Citrus’s Cross Country goes to Districts

Written by Lourelai Cavanaugh- Montgomery

picture of the 2023 CHS Cross Country team
Cross Country team gearing up for the competition in November. 

The countdown is on! Citrus High Schools’ Cross-Country team is gearing up for the district’s competition this November. Get ready to dive into the exciting journey of these dedicated and passionate athletes as they push their limits and chase their dreams and goals.

With hearts pounding and determination in every step, Mrs. Tyler and her cross-country crew are ready to take on this competition.

These students have been training and pushing their limits every day.

One of Citrus’s Early Childhood teachers, Mrs. Tyler, has been coaching our team for 6 years. She got into coaching because her daughter was involved in the sport, soon after the boys team needed a coach, so she stepped up and took the role.

Mrs. Tyler has helped students in many ways, “Coach Tyler taught me how to become a leader. With many different boys who come out for the sport it can be challenging knowing there is a lot of competition, but she showed me how to take a step forward and have belief as well as confidence when competing.” (Student Athlete Robbie Mullins)

Cross country offers many things, new friends, new goals, and new lessons learned, every day. (Student Athlete Ashley Trochez) shares that Mrs. Tyler has taught her “discipline determination and how to persevere through hardships.”

Being involved in Citrus High’s Cross-Country team is beneficial to all students “Cross Country is really for everyone; it doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad- it’s about improving fitness and shaping yourself into being a better person all around” (Student athlete Quintin Hicks). It helps students stay active as well as maintaining a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Here at Citrus, we cheer on our wonderful Cross-Country team, wishing them the best of luck at Districts this year!