Roaring Thursdays and High Five Fridays: Inspiring the Next Generation at LPS through Community Engagement

High Five Fridays
Lecanto cheerleader Alexis Foley greets primary school kids with a high five on Friday, September 15th (Photo: Abigail Smith).

Lylah Ramsay, Student Writer - Lecanto High School [LHS] places a significant emphasis on inspiring the younger generation and fostering traditions within our community. One such tradition that is gaining momentum is our athletes’ visits to the primary school kids on Fridays. Various sports teams, including cheerleading, football, and swimming, make these visits to uplift and inspire these young students. In addition to Fridays, other athletes visit on Thursdays for Roaring and Reading with a Panther. Like the ‘High-Five Fridays’ athletes visit classrooms and conduct reading activities with LPS students. These initiatives not only showcase Lecanto High School's commitment to community engagement but also highlight the power of mentorship and positive role models in shaping the future. The bonds formed during these visits serve as a reminder that a supportive and inclusive community can inspire and uplift all its members, regardless of age. 


With beaming smiles, the Lecanto cheer team welcomed our primary school students with open arms, determined to brighten their day. Their cheerful demeanor and energetic spirit were infectious, creating an atmosphere of excitement that permeated the entire bus ramp. 


“I loved that we could greet the kids in the morning, helping them start their day on a positive note. They were so excited to have the cheerleaders come and say hi,” said junior Alexis Foley. 


In the hearts of the LHS athletes, the true impact of their visits to Lecanto Primary School [LPS] became evident. These interactions transcended mere gestures, creating genuine connections and leaving a lasting impression on both sides of the age spectrum. 


“One of the little girls got off the bus and immediately stopped, jaw dropped in shock because she had no idea we would be there. Then she ran up and hugged me with the biggest smile, and it made my day instantly. I love how we're inspiration and a role model for the students at [LPS]," said Foley. 


The LHS Football team embarked on a heartfelt mission of encouragement when they visited our primary school, setting out to inspire and uplift the young minds within our community. 


“It was a fun event, meant to create connections with the younger students and offer them more support for the future,” said senior Austin Hornbuckle. 


The Lecanto swim team arrived at the primary school, eager to greet and reassure the young students that there was nothing to fear about high school.


“It demonstrated that there's no barrier between high schoolers and elementary school kids, and we're all on a journey toward the same goals. It was a special moment for both the younger kids and us, showing that every sport and every club is connected," said swim captain Lia Richards. 

Culinary Student of the Month - Ashanti Holmes September Written by Gabrielle Patetta
Ashanti Holmes  

What grade are you in?

“I’m in ninth.”

What culinary class are you in?

“Culinary 1.”

What does your culinary class level do?

“Right now we have only cooked once, and we are working on our doodle notes for TCS (Time and Temperature Control for Safety) foods and RTE (Ready to Eat) foods.”

How do you feel about being the first student of the month especially with this being your first year of high school?

“I was kind of surprised, I guess, since we haven’t really been in that class that long. But I mean, I like the class.”

What’s your favorite part of culinary?

“Group work, like we don’t have to do everything alone, like almost everything we do is in a group.”


What does Mrs. Crabtree help with daily tasks?

“She gives instructions very well, even when were not cooking. Then when we are cooking she helps with showing us where things are so we’re not lost”

Why are you in culinary?

“I joined culinary because I’ve heard people talking about it before and I kinda wanted see what it was about for myself.”

What do you hope to get out of being in this class?

“I joined really excited to get into Level 2 because I know they cook a lot more, and I heard she likes to cook a lot of different cultures’ [food].”

Is that what you want to do after high school?

“I want to go to WTC when I get into 10th grade, and I want to do dual enrollment for cosmetology”

HOSA members double this year
Written by Matti Patrick


The Crystal River High School Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) had a meeting on September 19.
Students were welcomed with Dunkin’ Donuts as they waited for the meeting to begin. Senior Angel Roman, president of HOSA, started the meeting by signing in students. This meeting continued to walk students through resources that they would use throughout their time in HOSA. Due to the sudden rescheduling of the meeting after school, some officers were unable to attend. This year’s HOSA officers consist of: President: Angel Roman (senior) Vice President: Taylor Carol (senior) Secretary: Mayumi Johnson (sophomore) Historian: Jonalyn King (junior) Parliamentarian: Emily Stines (senior) Reporter: Lana Perrell (senior) Treasurer: Alanei Hart (sophomore) Last year, there were only 32 members in HOSA. This year HOSA has over twice as many members.