Florida Statute 1002.395


(a) Upon the request of any eligible nonprofit scholarship-funding organization, a school district shall inform all households within the district receiving free or reduced-priced meals under the National School Lunch Act of their eligibility to apply for a tax credit scholarship. The form of such notice shall be provided by the eligible nonprofit scholarship-funding organization, and the district shall include the provided form, if requested by the organization, in any normal correspondence with eligible households. If an eligible nonprofit scholarship-funding organization requests a special communication to be issued to households within the district receiving free or reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Act, the organization shall reimburse the district for the cost of postage. Such notice is limited to once a year.

If your household qualifies for free or reduced-priced lunch, your students may be eligible to receive a state-supported scholarship to a private school. The program, called the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, was created in 2001. Step Up For Students manages the program. The scholarship is based on income and not on the academic performance of the student or public school. The scholarship helps pay tuition at more than 1,500 participating private schools statewide; a separate transportation scholarship is available to attend a public school in another county.

For more information, visit www.StepUpForStudents.org or call 877-735-7837, or email [email protected].