All full time employees of the Citrus County School Board shall be entitled to and credited with four (4) days of sick leave at the end of the first month of employment (except for any instructional staff member employed on a full-time basis who shall be entitled to four (4) days of sick leave on the beginning date of initial employment for each contract year). Each employee shall accrue one (1) day of sick leave credit for each month of employment which shall be credited at the end of the month. No employee will earn more than the equivalent of one day per month for the total months contracted in a fiscal year. Days are converted to hours according to the number of hours worked per day.

****An employee terminates his/her employment and has not accrued the four sick days credited to him/her, the School Board may withhold the hourly rate of pay for the sick hours used but not yet earned by the employee.

A District employee may authorize his/her spouse, child, parent, or sibling who is also a District employee to use sick leave that has accrued to the authorizing employee.

District employees shall be entitled to transfer sick leave credit from other Florida school districts to the Citrus County School District. Transferred sick leave shall be in addition to sick leave in which a staff member is entitled from this District. The transferred leave which is credited to an employee's account shall not exceed the amount or rate earned during employment in the District. It is the employee's responsibility to contact the other school district(s) to request a transfer of sick leave.