Superintendent Sam Himmel Announces Retirement

Superintendent Sam Himmel Announces Retirement
Posted on 02/02/2024
Superintendent Sam Himmel Announces Her Retirement from the School District

The Citrus County School District announces the retirement of Superintendent Sandra "Sam" Himmel. After a remarkable 20-year tenure, Mrs. Himmel has decided not to seek re-election, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to the district and community.

Throughout her tenure, Mrs. Himmel has guided the district through numerous challenges, demonstrating her remarkable leadership skills time and time again. Under her guidance, the district successfully navigated the economic collapse of 2008, ensuring that student education remained a top priority.  Additionally, her strategic decision-making played a pivotal role in the successful construction of Central Ridge Elementary School, as well as the complete renovation and remodel of Crystal River Primary School and Crystal River High School.

Mrs. Himmel's commitment to student safety has also been commendable, evidenced by the significant safety enhancements implemented on all school campuses. Her foresight and proactive approaches have ensured that students have a secure learning environment. Mrs. Himmel led the district through the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic, Covid-19. Her steadfast leadership during this time allowed the district to seamlessly transition to distance learning, ensuring that students received a quality education despite the uncertainties and challenges the school district experienced.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Himmel has always put students first, making decisions with their best interests at heart. It is no surprise that under her guidance, the district continues to experience growth in academic opportunities and performance.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Mrs. Himmel is an adoring wife and a proud mother of three sons. With the upcoming addition of her seventh grandchild, she has decided to retire to maximize the time she can spend with her growing family.

The Citrus County School District extends its deepest gratitude to Superintendent Sandra "Sam" Himmel for her extraordinary leadership and unwavering commitment to the students, teachers, staff, and the entire community. While her retirement marks the end of an era, her impact will be felt for decades to come.